Tuesday, July 16, 2013

200,000 Blog Hits !! Thank You !

This week my blog will have reached another milestone, 200,000 blog hits !!!

Thats pretty amazing considering I haven't blogged as much this past year and most of the traffic I've been getting of late has been coming from older blogs.

This year I was taking it easy, especially where my health is concerned, so I decided to scale back.

And honestly, I will admit most of the content I've been putting up over the years was more or less for the sole purpose of trying to generate blog hits from the public via pictures of half naked men and celebrity gossip.

Somewhere along the way I totally lost sight of it all.  Meaning, I sold out my creative and unique blog writing skills for cheap photos that I knew would get me hits and for the most part, it worked.

This next time around its going to be different.  I really do enjoy blogging so I'm going back to writing about the things I enjoy.  I'm not really worried about losing mainstream readers because my blogs were never that mainstream anyways. 

If anything, this past year, www.datingadvice.com asked me to write for them as a Gay Dating Advice expert because of a filthy blog I wrote about Gay Sex a while back.  I also got kudos from another gay website that listed me as one of their top 100 Gay Bloggers.

Even though I am very happy with these kudos, I can't say if I'll continue to keep writing in that vein to keep up that rep, know what I mean? After all, it wasn't what I was originally going for.  Initially I was just writing about stuff that interested me and it was a personal blog, so thats what I want to get back into.  So as I write, whatever comes of it is whatever comes of it.

This writing renewal I'm making to myself also coincides with a promise I made to myself earlier last year that when I get to my 10 year stand up comedy mark that I want to stretch my comedy writing into topics I could never joke about before.  I'm at the point in my comedy career that if I can't start joking about the topics I really want to talk about than what point is there to doing comedy?  Fuck the bullshit.


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  1. Congrats CK! I heart you! Aunt B