Monday, July 22, 2013

Charlie Ballard the Psychic

My life changed when I turned 19.  I was going thru severe depression and just having a hard time adjusting to life after high school.  While talking to a bowling teammate, they mentioned the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a place where they gave readings to the public for a modest price.  I was excited because I always enjoyed psychic readings, they're mystical, mysterious, and always entertaining.

When I scheduled my first appointment with them I noticed a weird coincidence, in my daily horoscope it said, "secrets would be revealed" , and boy were they, in a nut shell I can't explain how my reading went but they made me like I wasn't crazy because it was just me being psychic.

This was my first experience with the occult.  They wanted me to take classes with them because basically thats how they pay their bills.  Thank god I'm a major cheap ass and decided to learn it for myself and thats what I did, I spent many afternoons reading books on mediums, psychic healing, and whatever else I could get my hands on.

I can't really say I'm one of those talented professional psychics like the Long Island Medium or John Edwards so my talent has always been that I'm good with energy especially when it comes to dealing with people.  So to make a long story short, if I see something about people I don't like, I don't fuck with them.

I use to give my friends readings but stopped because the novelty of being a psychic soon wore off.

The one thing that has always been true about psychics is that we can always spot each other out.  For me, its more than just looking at someones aura, some empaths wear it so obvious about them how can anyone not see it, I guess it must be thing that we can only see amongst ourselves.  Its kind of like, when you meet one, you've met them all.

And I'm pretty sure my gifts were passed down from my family.  Some of my family members use to read tea leaves back in the day.

If some of you guys are asking yourselves, "do you use your intuitiveness for comedy" , yes I do.  I use it especially when I doing improv or being off the cuff, its mostly just going with my instincts or being in the moment.

One thing my intuitiveness has allowed me is to have deep meaning friendships with many people, all of which I'm sure we've known each other in past lives.

I bring up the whole psychic business because it makes me think if I'm so damn psychic why haven't I been able to find a boyfriend?


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