Monday, July 29, 2013

Meant to be?

Around 2001, in my last years of college, sometimes I would head over to Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas., to watch the KU Mens Basketball team play on opening night.

On one particular evening, I just happen to be on the lower concourse and as they were about to take the court, of course me being me, I definitely took the time to check out the entire team along with the other rampid teenage groupies hanging about.

It was pretty cool seeing the players up close which is really all I wanted to experience. And thats when it happened, I caught one of the KU Mens Basketball players checking me out.  He couldn't take his eyes off me and literally had a hard time pulling his eyes away from me before it was time for him to head out.

Now heres the fucked up part.  I'm pretty sure he was definitely more into me than I was into him.  I only caught his glimpse because by the time he caught my attention, I was already done checking out the rest of the team and I gave him a look back because he was the only one left.  So it makes me wonder if I caught his eye because I was basically checking all his teammates out and not him.  Whatever it was, our eye connection was pretty deep.

Usually when I check out men with non-verbal communication, I make eye contact and make sure they see my eyes drift towards their crotch area, just to let him know I'm interested.

With this guy, it was all eye contact and no crotch checking.

And after that night, nothing.  I continued on with my life at Haskell, graduated, and came back home to Cali to become a stand up comedian.

Flash forward to the NBA lock out of 2011, on their down time several NBA players were in town for a charity event and while I was working at Chevys in San Francisco, guess who should just happen to stop by in my restaurant and sit in my section, yup, that same guy.

His party sat on the other side of the bar and thank goodness the bartender was helping them because I really didn't want to wait on him.

But in the back of my head I really wanted to know if we still had the same connection.

So I purposely wiped a table near to see if he was checking me out and he was, he already had his eyes locked on me.  So this time I was sure to give him a smile and short gaze like, "do you remember me" ?

And that was that.  He finished and walked out with his girlfriend.

I guess I could have went over and said hi but who am I to ruin serendipity.


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