Friday, July 19, 2013

Project Runway Season 12 Ep.1

Okay fashionista's, its that time of the year for me to start acting like I know shit about fashion when I really don't. Thats right, its Season 12 of Project Runway on Lifetime television!

I know some of you will be reading my Project Runway fashion blogs and will be like, "and what makes you an authority on fashion" ?  Well, back in college I did cut a pair of shorts and hem them very nicely all by myself.

And back in college I did help one of my homegirls with droopy titty's find a nice elastic bra that gave her support and made her look like she had a rack when she really didn't.  Yes bitches, I'm that good.

Okay, enough about my qualifications.  Lets get to the business at hand!

Did anyone see the series premiere of Project Runway Season 12 last night?

For the season premiere, the contestants first competition was an innovation challenge, they had to create a look made from parachute material.

Normally I blog about the top 3 of the show but since fashion is objective, I'm going to post about who I like and what caught my eye because isn't that what this is really about?

Coming back from last season, is spitfire fan favorite Kate Pankoke.  Here she dazzles us with a canary yellow cocktail dress.  I love it and you could tell she loves this color too because she basically threw her body at the yellow parachute material to nab this fabric from the other designers.

The dress that totally caught my eye was from Sue Waller, the placement of her rouching and draping techniques was seriously off the chain, she took a couple standard sewing techniques and made it look super chic.  The color palette of her dress wasn't bad either.

Santino is that you?  Already this seasons over the top designer belongs to Russian designer Sandro Masmanidi, a former model and cancer survivor.  He definitely has the swag to back up his over the top design aesthetic. Even though Project Runway resident judge Nina Garcia and the rest of America just about gagged when his model came down the runway showing her meat curtains in his bathing suit, he detail signature sewing technique was impeccable.  If he can hold back just a little, expect some pretty fabulous clothes coming from this man for the rest of the season and hes my first pick to be a top #3 finalist.  If he doesn't make the cut, I'm sure Donatella Versace has a nice job waiting for him in her empire.

I love, I love, I love Timothy Westbrook.  Hes this seasons Eco designer, which means he won't be creating looks with products, chemicals, or fabrics that are harmful to the environment.  Which basically means his model will be foregoing hair/makeup/shoes for the rest of the season unless he can find other solutions.  Kudos to Timothy for reinventing fashion by showing us not what we want but what we need.  And oh yeah, his model thru a hissy fit because she didn't get dolled up like the other models, I hope he trades that bitch out for somebody else.  Nina Garcia had the funny line of the night when Timothy came out wearing star studded pumps and she said, "Timothy, did you steal your models shoes" ?

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  1. Project Runway is a reality TV series which focuses on fashion industry. It is hosted by Heidi Klum and the mentor is the brilliant Tim Gunn who I truly adore. At the beginning there are around 15 designers (contestants) and in every episode they need to make an outfit according to the task they were given. At the end of the episode judges will decide which design is the weakest and that designer will go home. The best 3 are going to the finale and they will make the final collection which will be presented at the New York Fashion Week. The best designer wins great prizes that can enormously change their careers.