Friday, July 5, 2013

What goes around ...

I absolutely love how the universe works.

Basically we live in a world that works in energy, what you get is what you put out.

Very recently I was attacked on the web by some comedians who I bumped from my Hella Gay Comedy Show this past year, all of who I had specific reasons for bumping.

What I've learned from producing my own comedy shows is that if you're not the booker, you're basically a guest on someones elses time & energy as they're trying to help you promote your brand.

For me personally, I don't think of myself as a diva when it comes to producing comedy shows but when push comes to shove, enough is enough and I had to put my foot down with a few, "comedic personalities" , who felt they were entitled to more than what they deserved.

Its at times like these can you see a persons true colors.

In the past, when I got bumped from a show, I just accepted it because frankly, its not a big deal.  Nor did I run to the internet to try and seek justice from smearing another persons name in the mud.

So really, the only satisfaction I got was watching the universe run its course with these people, all of who got what was coming to them.  And by that I mean, all I did was sit back and watch them project their issues onto other unsuspecting people and then watch them get bit in the ass right back for doing so.

And honestly, it wasn't difficult for me not to chime in with their naysayers because seeing their flaws thru the objective eyes of others was satisfaction enough.

So really, the only difference between me and these other imbeciles is I know that my shit stinks.


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