Tuesday, August 13, 2013

25 Random Things by Charlie Ballard

1) I miss all of my Native friends.
2) I would really love to meet Adele someday.
3) it sucks almost being 40.
4) I'm beginning to think love is the greatest con of all.
5) I regret not having any real hobbies.
6) it gets harder everyday convincing myself I'm sexy.
7) my smurf name would be cheeseburger smurf.
8) fuck straight guys.
9) I caught my therapist yawning.
10) I hate exercising.
11) I can't wait to see myself on the big screen!
12) will somebody please stick their finger up my butt already
13) I refuse to lose.
14) heaven must be not all that if we're able to reincarnate ourselves.
15) I'm craving Navajo frybread.
16) Why do I feel like if I ever write a novel it'll turn out really gay?
17) if I had a vagina I would name that bitch Grace Jones.
18) republicans make me hard
19) many people would say I'm deeply depressed but I say I hurt easily.
20) I guess I did get to experience love but not the way I thought.
21) success & stardom are the best revenge.
22) I need to stop living in the past.
23) I cross dress for me.
24) so far its been a great life
25) my goal is to do a one man show and end it doing the splitz

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