Monday, August 12, 2013


Last nght I saw this guy who I'm seriously attracted to and saw this red spot on his forehead and my first thought was, "does he have AIDS" ?  Because he looked like he had Kaposi sarcoma, a tumor that causes skin lesions.

But then he said it was a zit and I was like, "yeah right" .  Then he flashed his big beautiful eyes at me and everything was alright again.

If he does have the virus, I don't mind and would still fuck him.  I know, it sound like I have death wish, not at all, I'm just one of those people who refuses to live in fear of the AIDS epidemic.

Does this mean that I still want to suck his dick, yes, does this mean I still want him to fuck me, yes but with a condom of course.

Amazingly I'm almost 40 years old and so far, I've have managed to survive the AIDS epidemic and remain HIV negative.  Its not from a lack of trying either.

Over the years, I'm participated in many occasions of bare backing, high risk sex.anal and oral sex.

I did however catch the crabs back in 2000 and the whole experience was disgusting.  After that incident, I told myself I gotta start having sex with cleaner men in cleaner places.

This psychic once told me to date cowboys because they're cleaner but where am I going to find a cowboy in San Francisco?  I want a real cowboy at that and not some fucking sissy cowboy who only puts on her boots to line dance on the weekend. 

I need a real Brokeback Mountain cowboy like Ennis who knows how to put it down.  And when we're getting our freak on, Ennis is going to whisper into my ear, "I can't quit you" , and I'm going to whisper back, "I don't blame you" .

I went on stage last week and jokingly said, "I should have died from AIDS by now" , and then somebody heckled, "you still can" .

And then I was like, "well, you can't catch AIDS if no one's trying to fuck you" , which if you ask me, is a really fucked up way to practice abstinence. 


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