Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Positive Top 10 List

You are what you live, so for this writing exercise I'm going to concentrate on all the positive things going on in my life lately.

1) As many of you know, I'm a tour guide in SF and two weeks into my job I've already had several passengers tell me I was there best tour guide and even had a couple of them ask me for hugs.

2) A comedian friend recently said to me that I gave him really good comedy advice.

3) I was recently a semi-finalist for the Advocate's, "Next Great Queer Comedian" , which is a National online comedy competition for LGBT stand up comedians.

4) This past Summer I completed starring in my first feature movie, "All The Others Were Practice" , as the lead, it was an amazing experience, something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

5) My mom and my brother are in good health.

6) I've been testing HIV negative since 1994.

7) I let go of all the negative people in my life and have been really happy since then.

8) I haven't drank soda for the past 2 months.

9) I'm going to watch the musical: Priscilla: Queen of Desert next week in SF.

10) I stopped having lusty thoughts when I told the fantasy men in my head that I want a relationship.


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