Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Runway Season 12 Episode 4

This past week the designers were given the bow tie innovation challenge, to construct a dress using Bow Ties and incorporate the, "marriage equality" , theme.

Lets get into to it.

Sadly, one of my favorite designers, Sandro Masmanidi, bit the dust early in the season.  In this weeks competition he was safe but asked the judges for criticism and boy did they sure give it to him.  Tim Gunn should have been the voice of reason for Sandro earlier in the episode when he said, "don't worry about pleasing the judges and do you"  .  For the first 3 episodes the judges have questioned Sandro's taste so it came as no surprise thats what they went after on his critique. BUT ... and I will emphasize BUT .. Zac had a point when he called Sandro's work referential, which means we can all see influences of Jean Paul Gaultheir and Versace in there.  So Zac's main point was he that he didn't know who Sandro is as a designer.  Very true, all of PR's past top 3 three designers have had distinguishable points of view.  I would even say their p.o.v.'s were personality driven.  But any rate, it was very sad to see Sandro leave.

"Oh girl .... oh girl... " , is I thought when I saw Alexander Pope's rainbow inspired neck piece.  As we all know, the rainbow motif is the hardest to design because of the color variety, it has to be done just right or it can look a mess.  I just wasn't feeling Alexander's look this week, it came across too literal.

Emerging as a finalist in Season 12 is Dom Streater.  She really owes showing up in this weeks top 3 thanks to Tim Gunn.  Originally she was going to put these dark colored striped bow ties at the top but Tim was like, "oh no girl, thats got to go" .  And as you can see, she went with softer bow tie colors at top that better accentuated her dress.  Her point of view reminds me of Mondo Guerra, shes fun, whimsical, and has a super young aesthetic, I mean, seriously, look at the bow tie hair do, fabulous!

The designer to beat this season is Bradon McDonald.  He took those bow ties and made this bad ass top, mixing color and this tweed inspired Chanel jacket/shorts, very tasteful.

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