Saturday, September 7, 2013

Charlie Ballard's Secrets to Looking Young

This blog has been a long time coming.  I guess in 2006 is when I started to notice the people around me began tell me that I looked young for my age.

In 2000, another comment I got while cruising thru my old stomp grounds in Albuquerque is when I ran into a old friend and he said, "you still look the same" .

So who knows, maybe I've been blessed with looking young.  Now that I'm 39 and still get 28, I relish every compliment because it does mean so much more when you're older.

Here are some of my trade secrets to looking young, this has worked for me, maybe it'll work for you too!

1. Stop smoking & drinking.  Smoking causes wrinkles.  I noticed thru my smoking spells, my chin kept drying out with every puff. Everyone also knows that habitual binge drinking warps the body and also warps the face.

2. Get plenty of rest.  Why do you guys think Sleeping Beauty looks so good, because that bitch gets plenty of rest.

3. Stay hydrated. Water is healthy for you and keeps the skin naturally glowing.  .

4. Don't smile, frown or squint or over do it with your facial expressions, again this causes lines.

5. Stay chubby.  When anyone uses collagen injections, what are they injecting into their face, thats right, fat.  Keep the natural collagen in your face by staying fat and poofy.

6.  If you're going to be in the sun, always and I mean, always wear sunscreen.  It says right on the bottle that sunscreen prevents skin aging.

7. Moisturize.  Keep your face vibrant and use product.

8. Stop Stressing, nothing causes break outs, grey hair and aging lines more than stress.

9. Acutane and other pimple medicine helps get rid of facial lines.  Use only once because your skin stays sensitive forever after that.  And you always have to use sunscreen after that too.

10. Keep a vibrant attitude and exercise, the keys to looking young is feeling young and staying active!



  1. you're 39??? you just blew my mind charlie !

  2. OMG Desiree, yes he's 39 AND holding! Looks great for being 39, but lets face facts, he gets it from his genes...or it's his genes that make him appear to be at least ten years if not more...younger. yesireee the genes.
    AB in VB