Monday, September 9, 2013

Cheap Ass Native Americans

This server was fired from Famous Dave's in Bismarck, North Dakota., for leaving this photo on facebook, her sign suggests that Native Americans are cheap because they didn't leave any good tips during the 44th Annual United Tribes Powwow weekend when the truth is Natives are some cheap ass tippers. I work in a tip related industry and if I had to live off tips from Native Americans I would find another job because I wouldn't be making shit. #truth

I got a comment from a friend on facebook about this issue, here's what he said:

"When I went to Bacone College, me and the guys would always go out to eat and those boys were cheap. I knew better because my sister was a waitress and she told me. But I think a lot of Natives don't know, and well being the poorest demographic in the country, can you blame them"  ?

And heres how I responded to his comment:
"thats no excuse, if you have money to eat out then you have money to tip otherwise keep your ass home and wait on yourself"

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