Friday, September 20, 2013

My Current Outlook

Job - Lately I've been feeling really exhausted from my new job in San Francisco as a Tour Guide.  The hours are really long and I don't have time to do anything.  I've really broken away from the SF Comedy scene and don't attend a lot of the comedy open mics like I use to.  It feels nice not having comedy in my life, I've dedicated my life to comedy for so long I can't remember what it felt like having a normal life beforehand.  Oh wait, yes I can.  I use to hang out in filthy gay bars and have anonymous sex with gay men.

Friends - Another downer is that I don't have time to take calls from my BFF.  Usually I'm home and will pick up the phone but since all my time is consumed with my job, I'm starting to miss talking on the phone.

Family - My little family is doing well, me, my mom and my brother.  For our entire lives its just been us in the Bay Area.  I'll be headed down to L.A. this week with my mom for an excursion.  Its important for us to get out of the Bay Area every so often to stay fresh.  So while we're down there, she'll be getting massages and I'll be attending a volleyball game at USC and doing the Ventura Comedy Festival.  We're supposed to be staying at a really nice 4 star hotel near Bel Air, I'm hoping it has a nice pool.

Love Life - Currently there are a couple guys around me that I've been seriously flirting with.  I wish any of them would ask me to fuck but you know me, I'm never the aggressor and if they want it, all they have to do is just ask.  Theres this one guy I was talking to this past week and he literally made my panty's wet from just talking to him, oh wait, I don't wear panty's.

Dreams - The guys who directed my movie, "All The Others Were Practice" , just emailed me and said the first edit is ready to watch.  He invited me to attend a private screening with his friends and I declined.  As much as I want to see it, I'm going to wait for the movie premiere this upcoming January 2014.  I'm sure the rough edit will fun to watch but I'm going to hold out for the polished version.

Health - My body has been cramping lately.  Like I said earlier in this blog, my job is really strenuous and takes a lot of me.  On the upside, I did finally get rid of my cough/cold/congestion or whatever it was.  I feel tons better.  I'm a little ticked that I haven't had time to go run like I use to, of course the only time I had to run now is when I don't have it.  Now that my breathing has returned back to normal, I've just been sitting on my ass.

Alright ya'll, have a good one!


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