Friday, September 13, 2013

My Voice & Your Voice

This blog is dedicated to all aspiring writers.

Lately I've been wanting to blog for several different websites and I've been striking out left and right.

Why?  Theres a part of me that feels like I have something interesting to contribute to the masses and then theres my narcissist side that just wants the recognition of being published with a major blog that has lots of traffic.

And then it dawned on me, hello, my blog is already on the web, what am I crying for?

Whatever my reasoning for trying to get my writing out onto the web, my crowd is out there and they're finding my work.

Very recently Dan Savage, a famed sex advice columnist from Seattle, Washington., just submitted his latest entry about Gay dating and one of his readers responded to his column with advice that referenced a Foot Fetish blog that I wrote a couple years back.

How amazing is that?

I wrote that Foot Fetish blog back in 2011 and until this past week, it was laying dormant in my blog vault here on until it started receiving traffic again.

So I guess people are finding my work online.  What I learned about my blog this past week is that my entries are pretty genre specific, which is fine.

Its nice to know my writing is reaching people with the same interests, which is really what this is all about.

So my advice to all bloggers & writers everywhere, keep writing about your passionate topics, your work does mean something and somebody out there in cyber land will find it.


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