Friday, September 6, 2013

Wonderful Boring Day

Today is my day off and I'm loving it.

I've been working as a Tour Guide in San Francisco for the past month and I'm loving it.  The downside is the hours are long and I have no free time to do anything in the evenings because I'm so tired.  The other downside is I'm always sunburn.  I haven't been this dark since I worked on the Colorado River as a Hualapai River Runner.

The positive side is that my job requires me to wake up early for work and now that I have to wake up in the morning, I'm usually out the door by 8am, something which I haven't done for quite a while.  I really enjoying being tired at night and getting to sleep like most people.

In a couple weeks I'll be heading down to L.A. for the Ventura Comedy Festival.  I'm really looking forward to that.  I got booked with Jennie McNulty's, "Rainbow Room" , and will be doing her LGBT comedy showcase at the Ventura Comedy Club.  I met Jennie a while back and did the Outlaugh Festival with her at the Comedy Store in 2011.

I really love doing LGBT comedy shows because the crowds are usually better and so are the comics.

This past week we concluded the last Hella Gay Comedy Show for the year, Hella Gay All Stars.  It was held at the Pa'ina Lounge in Japantown.  The venue was great and so were our comedians and variety acts, good job to Steve Post, Scott Simpson, Dro, Gloria Magana, Priyanka Wali, Ron Chapman, Rich Hutchison, Jessica Wellington, Karen Ripley, Jon Allen, Michael Jackson Experience, and Litz Plummer.

In personal news, I've been taking Lamisil for my foot fungus and its working like a charm.  Its also getting rid of my jock itch that I've had for a very long time.  For a while there I really wanted to get my anus bleached because I thought I wasn't washing it enough.  As it turns out, my crack isn' black from being dirty, its black from having long term jock itch.  I probably will still get my anus bleached because ya'll know how us gays like to keep our shit looking tight.

Talking about my ass crack above will probably make some of my readers uncomfortable, oh well.

Did you guys notice how this blog was going pretty dull until I mentioned my crack, your welcome.


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