Saturday, October 26, 2013

All The Others Were Practice - Post Production

This is a very exciting time for me, my very first movie is coming out in January of 2014, "All The Others Were Practice" , and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I'm hoping my acting will have translated very well on screen but we won't know until the movie comes out.

I will tell you this, the supporting actors gave superb performances!  Its no coincidence there were all great because most of them are professional actors.

I just saw another gay romantic comedy last week and I'm pretty sure our movie is going to blow theirs out of the water.  Why, for one, our cast was exceptional, two, we had a great director/writer in Brian Tolle. *below*

Brian has a great eye for direction, he was able to catch those subtle nuances that make movies great, hes also very technical which means the cinematography from the movie will look very professional, third, the storyline and characters from the film is fun and unexpected, you're going to see a great non-traditional mix of characters and storyline that everyone will be able to relate too and lastly, did I mention I was in it?

All narcissism aside, we all can't wait to see it!  Here are some quick stills from the movie!

This is Actress Chantelle Tibbs, I would have not made it thru this movie unless Chantelle didn't kicked me in the ass on the first day.  I was flubbing my lines hard and she pulled me aside and said, "you need to go home and study, we have some heavy lines tomorrow" .  Seriously, thank you Chantelle, I needed to hear that! And yes, we had some very cute scenes together too, here are a couple below!

We had a lot of scene stealers in this movie and heres another one of them, this is Actress Leigh Wolf.  Leigh was so much fun to work with.  If she comes across sincere & authentic in the movie its because she really is! My favorite part in the movie for Leigh will be when her character and Gus walk off together on a hiking trail and we're going to hear her singing in the background, its going to be such a pretty moment!

Speaking of scene stealing, here are Actresses Molly Goode (L) & Susan Monson (R)!  They got to play the devilish caferteria ladies whose sole purpose in life is to make Tina's life hell, they were so much fun as you guys can tell from their movie stills!

Alright you guys, don't forget to watch us, we're going to be everywhere in 2014 !!!

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