Sunday, October 27, 2013

Breaking Bad

This blog has nothing to do with the tv show which I hear is pretty good, I don't know because I've never watched Breaking Bad, why, because it sounds too white and too trailor for me.  That shouldn't suggest its not a good show because I'm sure the storytelling and acting are excellent.


I'll be turning 40 this upcoming year and I'm coming to another turning point in my life, here are some quick reflections that have been going thru my head.

Many of my old classmates went on to have kids where as I have none, I guess my career in entertainment is going to have to fulfill that void, I'm so beginning to understand why Oprah never had any kids.

Has all my entertainment work been in vane?  I don't think so, its nice to hear that my rule breaking has been effecting people in a positive way.  I keep hearing that I'm a trail blazer and in many respects thats been true.  I guess I'm considered a trail blazer because there haven't been many other notable Gay Native American entertainers which leaves me in a field of my own.  I actually know quite a few Native Drag Entertainers, so its only a matter of time before one of them hits on Rupaul's Drag Race and we all know who they are, and even if they don't hit, that doesn't make them any less visible.

The other day I youtubed my name and these words popped up in the search engine, "Being Gay & Native American" .  Wow.  Thats so amazing, I guess my name is etched in youtube video history.  I kind of feel bad for all the other Charlie Ballard's out there because I cornered the market on my name.  Can you guys just imagine what happens when some hee haw muthafucker from Kentucky named Charlie Ballard trys to Google his name and finds my flaming red knee high boots in his feed, classic.

As far as being a Gay Native American, I wasn't the first and I certainly won't be the last.  I have to give mad props to We-wha, who was one of the first noted Two Spirits to make history, why, probably because she was an out Trans Woman from Zuni, New Mexico. (1849-1896)  I guess the Westerners have never seen cross dressers outside of their own culture and maybe got a kick out of seeing her?

Heres We-wha looking fierce back in her day:

These days Gay Native Americans are sneaking into media outlets and ending up super famous, for instance, who doesn't know, "Excuse My Beauty" .  The viral video of Stephanie Yellowhair *Navajo* and how she got busted on the, "Cops" , reality show made her an instant celebrity.  I'm so lucky to say I'm her facebook friend and her updates are just as fabulous as she is in her infamous video!

Its good to know we're becoming more visible these days.  We're definitely out there and more of us are starting to speak up, it feels great to hear so many new voices, like this lady.

I like to think I've made my contribution to Native culture.  I would just like to say to the younger Two Spirits coming up, know that your voices are just as important as anyone else, dream big and go for it!


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