Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ray Sandoval - Craigslist Hottie

Is anyone keeping up with the scandal going on in Santa Fe, New Mexico., where a Mayorial candidate's openly gay campaign manager, Ray Sandoval, supposedly got caught soliciting gay sex on Craigslist.  The gay man in question is Ray Sandoval and heres his naughty sex ad thats been circulating Craigslist:

Now supposedly he didn't post this ad but lets look at what we know.  

Ray did say he posted this photo of himself above on facebook to show his friends hes been working out but what makes this photo suspect is why isn't Ray looking at the camera?  I'll tell you why, most men who post photos on Craigslist try and keep that little bit of anonymity by not showing their face, so this type of picture is very commonly used for Craigslist sex ads.

I did do my research for this blog to see what Ray looks like and hes not bad looking at all.

The other thing that bothered me in that ad was how gay specific it was, "no fat or ugly old guys" . That sounds like someone whose been on Craigslist before and knows whose out there.

I'm going to have to take Ray's side and say he didn't post that ad because his profile on Linkedin suggests hes a community type gay, meaning his type doesn't get hung up on looks or age, so what I'm saying is Ray would most likely date a chubby or older gay and if so, he should call me. 

Good luck with the Mayor's race.


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