Thursday, October 24, 2013

Twists & Turns

Its so funny how life turns out.

I remember in college the NBC Diversity Program came to my school looking for minority talent. I told myself to stay away from the audition because I knew if I had went I would have got sucked into show business and because I was more focused on getting that college degree, I didn't want to be distracted.

I ended up going to the audition anyways and showed up late on purpose. I peeked inside the auditorium as they were finishing up just to see the process and who was all there. And thats when a girl from our schools theater department came over and asked what I was doing there. And I said, "I might be getting into show business someday" , and she said, "who ... you" ? And then I turned right back at her and said, "yes ... why not me" ?

That was 10 years ago and she ended up finding her husband at Haskell and having his kids and guess who ended up in film & television. #werk


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