Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I can feel it coming.

This past week while I've been preparing my set list for the Redding Rancheria gig and while I've been going thru my old comedy journals looking for gems I just felt this sense of discontent will all my past work.

In all my old comedy journals I saw lots of Gay jokes, dick jokes, Native American jokes, Gay Native American jokes and so on.

I just didn't see the range I've been striving for.

Even tonight as I hit a comedy open mic, I caught myself isolating my topics to the same ole shit I keep going back to.

And now, the biggest clue that I'm changing again is how I've managed to enstrange myself from the other comedians, which has been a strategic move on my part.

All the comedians who hang out together think collectively, they keep borrowing ideas from each other, thus repeating and recycling the same crap over and over again.

So for me, because I've isolated myself from them, I can clearly feel huge waves of independent thought coming my way.

And not just for me but those who are atone to it as well.

Michael Jackson used to have this same fued with his main rival - Prince.  Michael would say I need to write songs down and capture it before Prince does.

So there you have it, the creative universe is moving.


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