Monday, December 23, 2013

My Year in Review for 2013

Its that time of year to reflect back on my 2013 discretions.

1) The beginning of 2013 didn't start out that great for me, health wise.  About this time last year, I began sweating profusely in my sleep, which as it turned out, was caused by bronchitis and a sinus infection.  It caused my breathing to be erratic which left me severely depressed.  Finally after a couple trips to Highland Hospital, an ER doctor properly diagnosed my illness, gave me the right drug prescription and the healing process began.  I say properly diagnosed because I also went to the free clinics where they tried to put me on anxiety and high blood pressure pills.  Currently, my hyper-tension is under control and I am not waking up from my sleep anymore with shortness of breath.

You guys really don't know the anguish I went thru, nothing of which I would ever wish to relive.  I'm just happy that part of my life is over.

2) From January to June, I was still on unemployment and enjoyed every moment of it.  When my unemployment checks stopped coming, I went back to work as a Tour Guide with Big Bus from July to October.  I really enjoyed working with the tourist but just felt at the time that job wasn't right for me.

3) From April to June I filmed my first movie called, "All the Others Were Practice" , which is due out in 2014.  The director, Brian Tolle, approached me to do this movie via email in 2012.  So when the ball got rolling, I was super ecstatic even to be involved in this project and the fact that I got to be the star, that just rocked my world even more thinking about it!  I also dabbled in another production as an extra for HBO's, "Looking" , but when your the star of your own project, being an extra can leave a sour taste in your mouth.

4) In February, I surprised my mom by flying out her sister Beverly from Virginia Beach to L.A. for a mini vacation.  That was a fun week.  I tried to get them on the, "Price is Right" , for the sibling special but I forgot to ask the both of them to bring their Social Security cards, which I think ruined their chances of getting on the show.  But just looking at this picture below will tell our trip went just fine!

5) In another trip to L.A., I got show tickets to see Kathy Griffin Live and ended up winning 100$ for participating in a celebrity game with Actress Jamie Pressly.  I also won Jamie's big blonde wig from, "My Name is Earl" , which I used for a comedy show in Sacramento.

6) I kept myself busy producing many Hella Gay Comedy Shows for 2013.  Our best theme show this past year was, "Gay for Pay Comedy Show" , which featured straight comedians performing gay comedy.  It turned out to be one of top 5 Hella Gay shows of all time.

7) Looking back on 2013, I sure went to L.A. a lot this past year, in March I went to Irvine, California., to watch my comedy idol Margaret Cho work out new material at the Irvine Improv for her current tour - Mother.

8) For all of this past year, I didn't have any sexual relations, at all.  Mostly because I didn't actively pursue it and most of all, because no muthafucking guy would ask me to suck his dick.

9) I finally got some foot fungus pills for my toe.  This was a long time coming.  You guys really don't know how long I've been battling toe nail fungus, ever since I began contracting fungus to my toes at Sherman Indian High School back in 1988, its been a real battle trying to get rid of it.  Its a good thing I finally took care of my feet because in November I caught this cute guy checking out my flip flops.  I wanted to snap at him for even looking but I was kind of proud that at least someone was looking, I was so ready.

10) With some money that I made from comedy, I decided to visit some old friends in Arizona.  It was a nice to see them and I also gambled heavily in Las Vegas on the penny slots machines every chance I got.  I gambled so hard that I ended blowing my entire wad and I don't regret it one bit.  Usually when I travel, I always invite my family or friends to tag along and for once it was nice to spend money on myself.  While in Vegas, I did see some great shows and got to run around!  I also get did my palm read on Fremont St., she said I was going to have to big career moves in 2014 around April and September of next year and also, that two romantic leads will be coming into my life, whoo hoo I can' t wait for that!  This picture below was taken at the Flamingo Hotel, when I saw those legs I could not resist.

And that was my year.  For 2014, I'm going back to work full time and want lose the extra weight I've been putting on.

Have a good one everyone!


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