Sunday, December 22, 2013

When in Vegas

I just came back from Las Vegas where I was reminded of those subtle little gender roles we place on ourselves.

For example, when I was on Fremont St., I went inside this casino where all the card dealers were busty 20 something hot chicks showing cleavage.  As I passed them all I could think was, "I hope they're making more than minimum wage" , most likely not.

On my way out I looked behind the cashiers cage and they were all filled with these 50 something haggy Grandma's who couldn't take their eyes off the go go dancers, probably reliving their glory days watching those young pretties shake their tassles.
About an hour later, I found myself at the Rio Hotel & Casino to attend an all male strip show called Chippendales.

Now does this make me a hypocrite for chastising the display and objectivity of one gender and then relishing in another because it suits me, no, it makes me an equal opportunity chauvinist.

After the show I found myself playing penny slots and then something caught my eye, male cocktail servers.

How refreshing.

I pulled one of them aside and said, "its really nice to see guys running drinks" .

And then he said, "well before, we use to dance on the platforms but it made the customers feel uncomfortable so it stopped"  .

And all I could think was, "who would be uncomfortable with that" ?

Seeing as how I was in Sin City, its kind of hard to place a value judgement on anything because well, its Sin City, thats why people go there, to dissolve any social peer pressures and celebrate in debauchery.

Regardless, I still left broke.


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