Friday, February 22, 2013

Patricia Michaels - PR Season 11 Ep.5

This weeks challenge was to design a red carpet and performance outfit for Country Pop star Miranda Lambert.

Its no coincidence that 3 designers came up with the fringe look for this diva country singer.  Jumping on the band wagon was Native American designer Patricia Michaels, Amanda Valentine and Richard Hallmarq.

Lets start with Patricia's fringe look below!  I will say this, I love how Patricia is incorporating our Native American aesthetic into the PR challenge designs but she shouldn't at the cost of the design challenge, know what I mean, otherwise shes going to get boxed in as, "powwow chic" , design princess, as judge Zach Posen so eloquently put. Lets go Patricia, its time to start showing variety!

I thought designer Amanda Valentine knocked it out of the park with her black fringe dress.  I really like the necklace accompaniment which I'm sure this dress would be great with any jewelry neck piece.

Bringing home the bacon was designer Richard Hallmarq with this fierce futuristic fringe design. The judging panel loved how he put together the mixed texture to create this metallic fringe look, I love it, its so Rock n' Roll chic.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Boy George Weight Loss

Has anyone seen Boy George lately because OMG if you haven't, this pop diva from the 80's has lost a lot of weight and is looking fantastic.

How'd she do it:

""5 hour gaps between meals. No coffee or tea, except at meals. Water & fizzy water between meals! No bread, sugar!," he tweeted.
He also posted pictures of his healthy meals such as "spicy broccoli cheese" for lunch and "Cannelloni bean & veggie curry." (omg yahoo)

Of course the snarky writer who blogged this for the OMG Yahoo website had to quip, "At 51 years old, is this the best George has ever looked" ?

All I have to say is if that is what 51 looks like, I can't wait to turn 50, get it George!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Charlie Ballard's Reading

While visiting with my Aunt Bev in L.A., I asked my Aunt to give my wallet to her psychic friend in Virginia Beach to see what she could pick up.  Heres what she said:


"Now, this is from memory, cause usually when I receive the info for a reading i do not remember most of it. a thought just came to me, Bev, could you transcribe it in an email and send it to him?  

I remember feeling the person owning it (it was covered in tissues) has a lot of energy and healing abilities, also a visionary. I feel they can also bi-locate. His children will also have healing abilities.

People may refer to him as "a pompous ass" but he is not. But people see him as such.  

He has dealt with depression. Likes sex, and is very sexual, and romantic.

His job-- I felt the energy go down my core from my throat to my solar plexus, so I interrupted that it is deep within him, yet I heard there is something else he would rather be doing.

His future mate--will have a lot of light within; I saw almost like a comic figure so he will have a sense of humor. I am being told now, that it will be a good match. 

That is all I can remember off the top of my head" 


Wow, if any of you guys have been reading my blogs lately, you would know how spot on she was about the depression.

One of my comedy friends also called me a visionary lately because of the Hella Gay Comedy theme shows we did last year so I thought that was on point.

And oh, the, "pompous ass" , thing.  Other comics do label me as such because I own up to being a good joke writer and  a great performer, so really, thats just them trying to project their shit on me which I why I don't fuck with them.

If anything, I'm really supportive of a lot of people.

I thought that was interesting about the solar plexis.  I'm really curious who my future mate will be, it sounds like its going to be another comedian and we're going to have a lot of sex, which is fine, I hope hes hot and has a big penis.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

PR Season 11, Episode 3 - Patricia Michaels

Project Runway Season 11 Native American designer contestant - Patricia Michaels was in the top 3 again and this time she wowed the judges by creating her own textile with this very sassy leather cut out top.

This week their design challenge was to create an ad campaign look for Heidi Klum's new fragrance, "Surprise"  .

Needless to say Heidi Klum was completely in love with it but leave it to the resident gay judge Zach Posen to rain on her parade, as Zach chimed in, "I like it but its a better suited for a younger actress" , ouch. 

Watching the replay to see Heidi's reaction from Zach's bitchy comment is reason enough to watch this entire season, good luck Patricia, all of Native America is cheering for you!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

She had a dream

We left Oakland at 6am this morning and pulled into L.A. around 11am.  We drove down the I-5 really fast and plus there was no traffic so that really helped.

For the past month, I've been co-conspiring with my Aunt Beverly in Virginia Beach, Virginia., and had this zany idea to fly her over so she could play the, "Price is Right" , with my mom.  Tomorrow, the game show has a sibling special, which means only contestants who are brothers/sisters can play.

My mom didn't know her sister flew into L.A. tonight and we surprised her pretty good.

Everything has been going great until I had a tourette moment while watching the drag show at Mickey's and blurted out, "oh fuck" !!!  I said that out loud because I just realized I forgot to remind my mom and my Aunt Bev to bring their Social Security Cards so they can play on the, "Price is Right" .   When I got back to the room and asked if they brought them, they both said no, so we'll see if the show lets them play tomorrow, I hope so.  If not, it'll still be fun to stay and watch.

If it doesn't work out, we still got, "Tonight Show" , tickets for Wednesday and plus, I think my mom and her sister were really just happy to see each other, so thats all that really matters.

For the past couple of weeks, its been really tough for myself and my Aunt B to keep this rendevous a secret from my mom.  There were a couple of times where we both had the slip of the tongue and played it off very well.  And finally tonight, after their tearful re-union, my mom said to the both of us that she knew Bev was coming because she had a dream that she was with us in L.A.

So there you have it, whatever happens this week is meant to be.


                     they were shooting a movie at our hotel when we arrived

Marina Del Rey

Aunt Bev is all smiles !!