Thursday, January 9, 2014

Charlie Ballard Proclamation 2014

I, Charlie Ballard, hereby promise to continue saying what I think is funny no matter how uncomfortable or disapproving my sensibilities are to other people namely racist middle White America and a couple politically correct San Francisco dykes who will never be happy about anything. And to be honest, I don't say anything different from my straight counterparts, its not my fault we live in a generation where homophobia, sexism, racism, still exist. So to the powers at be, you can keep continuing to try and cock block my comedy career all you want because like Gloria said in the 1992 cult flick: White Man Can't Jump, "it is my destiny to triumph magnificently on Jeopardy" , and I will.  I do want to take this moment to say thank you to everyone whose ever supported my career and to everyone else, you can keep kissing my fat Gay Native American ass because you will be seeing more of me, I promise.

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