Friday, January 31, 2014

Charlie Ballard's Layers.

As they say, you never really know someone until you start peeling away the layers!

Do you guys ever wonder why you watch your favorite movies over and over again?

For me, it just dawned on me why I love the the movie Kill Bill so much, its because I can relate to Uma Thurman's character, "Beatrix Kiddo" , the worlds #1 female assassin.

Of course I want to be the #1 comedian in the world and slash and kill my way to the top but it goes deeper than that.  I was watching Kill Bill Vol. 2 when they were in the chapel and Beatrix didn't have anyone to sit on her side so she said, "you can sit on my side but you'll find it lonely" and Bill said, "your side was always kind of lonely"  .

Me too, if I should ever get married, my side was probably be just as bare.

This past week we just finished our first Hella Gay show for 2014 and I felt compelled to dress up as the wicket witch of the west and perform, "I put a spell on you" , by Nina Simone.

Later on in the night while I was still wearing my costume at another club, a friend me pulled me aside and he said he's been trying to teach his kids moral values thru movies and elphaba was one of them.

For those of you who ever saw the musical Wicked, you would know the wicked witch of the west is not as wicked as most people think.  To make a long story short, never judge a book by its cover.

I'm posting a photo of Pam Anderson from Baywatch fame because she looks exactly how I feel. #werk #bitch #werk

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