Friday, January 3, 2014

Native Americans: Winners or Losers

This blog topic has been on my mind for a while.

I've been thinking about why Native Americans haven't done well in this country.

1) History is not on our side.

We all know the current contemporary thought about Native Americans in regards to our land, its that we're a defeated race, we're supposedly resentful, distrusting of anyone because of how we were royally screwed over in the acquisition of this land.

We may have won a few battles but we all ended up on reservations and forced into treaties.

2) Native Inventors?

As the United States began to root itself into our lives and revolutionize the Western way of life, it seems odd to me that I can't think of one Native American inventor who ever contributed any valuable technology to modern Western civilization.

Albert Einstein discovered atomic energy, Ben Franklin flew a kite to harness the electrical current, Alex Graham Bell invented the telephone and the list goes on.

The only famous thing that Native Americans are famous for inventing is frybread and however much pride we take in it deliciousness, we really can't because that shit causes diabetes.

This point seems the oddest to me because we've lived with the White Americans the longest.  You mean to tell me that as long as we've lived and assimilated into the marauders culture, none of us have ever reached the plateau of mastering their math & science techniques to contribute anything of significance?

3) Blame it on the Alcohol.

Its true, Native Americans can't hold their liquor.  As well as the Asians, it because we don't have that enzyme that breaks down alcohol.  And we're not the true alcoholics either, its not like we've been drinking it for the past 2000 years and developed a tolerable immune system. Everyone knows there was wine at the last supper, when you have biblical scripture with wine in your testament, thats how you know alcoholism runs deep in your culture.

4) The All American.

One of our greatest National treasures in Indian Country is Jim Thorpe (Sac & Fox of Oklahoma).  He won the Decathlon and Heptathlon at the 1912 Summer Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden.  He also played professional baseball and football.  Jim is regarded as the Greatest Athlete of All Time.

5) The Trail Blazer

Very recently, we lost another Native American National treasure, Comedian Charlie Hill (Onieda).  Charlie Hill got his first big break on the Richard Pryor Comedy Show.  Charlie was the first Native American comedian to appear on the, "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" .

In summary, Native Actor - Will Sampson said it best, "if we're not given opportunities than we need to start making them for ourselves" .

Native Americans are many things, doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, politicians, and the one thing that we're not are losers, we're capable of achieving many great and beautiful things, in all arts & sciences, we only have to be brave enough to keep walking on that path!


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