Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I know for a fact that I'm not a racist because I would suck any mans dick regardless of his Nationality, my only request would be that whatever background he comes from is that hes cute and washes his dick regularly.

I suppose theres so much grief in the world because everyone is working towards their own utopia.  And thats where the distress is, our beliefs and values are not all the same.

Look at Hitler, he believed his perfect society were blonde, blue eye'd, germanics and he killed off 6 million Jews trying to prove his point.

I've been thinking of my own rules and regulations for a Utopia society, here you go:

1. If we're not married by the time you're 40, our parents can legally wed us off.

2. If your dog takes a shit in public and you don't clean it up after it, anyone has the right to rub your face in the dogs shit.

3. Everyone must take 5 minute, "Twerking" , break at their jobs.

4. When it comes to dating & sex, self serving pricks are no longer allowed, both needs of the partners must be met.

5. No more handicap parking spots at places where handicap people obviously don't hang out.

6. Men must start attending Womens College Basketball games and cheer.

7. Free Ice Cream Thursdays

8. Everyone gets a dragqueen name.

9. A typical wait at the DMV will only be 5 minutes.

10. A vegan themed Disneyland. 

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