Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HBO approves Season 2 of Looking, why?

I'm kidding, I like the show but it needs more grit to it!

I would advise the producer, writers, directors of Looking to watch, "Trueblood" , "Shameless" , "Big Bang Theory" , or even the new NBC sitcom, "About a Boy" , on how to write a good script.

Honestly, I really felt obligated to watch, "Looking" , because they're aren't any other quality gay shows on the tube.  Well, theres, "Downton Abbey" , but its a different kind of gay show.  Which brings up my point, the Gays watch Downton Abbey because the plots and character detailing are so juicy.  Plus it feeds our superfluous gay ego's with nonsense and inconsequential drama.

And oh, the current 30 minute format for, "Looking" , really blows.  Thats not enough time to get to know the characters.  And maybe the show needs more trans & lesbians characters so there could be more interesting sub-plots.

Because whatever bullshit they're doing now, its just not working.

Oh yeah, dear writers of the show, please make, "Patrick" , more likable.  I've only had to watch one episode of the new NBC series, "About a Boy" , to love the lead.   Why did it take 6 episodes of watching, "Looking" , to barely even warm any kind of audience connection with Patrick?

My last request, try to keep Scott Bakula on the show.  We all know Scott got picked up for another series but please please try to keep him.

Maybe the show could be more about Scott's character than Patrick.  And c'mon guys, Scott Bakula is fucking hot, hello, Scott's creepy cult following has just been waiting for a hot gay sex scene with Dom, I know I have.

Below is a vintage photo of Scott Bakula. #80'sheartthrob #silverdaddy #mustacheporn


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