Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Looking Episode 3 - is looking crappy so far ..

Now I hate being negative because being negative fucks with my blood pressure but so far, the first 3 episodes of HBO's new Gay series, "Looking" , has been looking pretty tragic lately.

For those of you who follow my blog, you guys probably noticed there isn't a Looking Episode 2 blog, thats because after watching episode 2 I was too pissed off to write about it, heres why, it was completely racist.

The lead character of the show, Patrick was going to hook up with Richie, a Latin character, and Patrick ended up being disappointed because Richie's dick wasn't uncut like his friends lead him on to believe about Latin men.

When I saw that, all I could think was wow, is this supposed to be funny and to who?

Could you guys imagine if Richie's character was Black, Asian, or some other ethnic group and the backlash they could have received from that.

Going forward, I did watch Episode 3 and my suspension of disbelief was again stretched by Scott Bakula's character.  Scotts character and Dom meet in Gay Sex Club and have a nice conversation, thats all great but the truth be known, the older gay white men that usually hang out in Gay Sex Clubs are never that hot, by any standard.

Scott Bakula is actually 59 years old and is friggin hot.  After seeing his scene in the sauna with Dom, I've never wanted to lick, ride, pulverize, ride an old mans hot sweaty bod more than seeing Scotts killer physique.  If I ever saw a man like Scott Bakula at the Gay Bath House, okay .. lets not even finish this thought because I wouldn't, those hot silver daddies just don't exist in the gay world.

Recently I was hired to blog for HBO but they want me to lie and tell everyone how good this show is, I can't lie.  If its good, I would say so.  So heres what I ended up writing about it.

I hate to bust everyones bubble but the first 3 episodes out of the gate have been pretty bad.  The main lead character, Patrick, is unlikeable as they come.  This show is no way to be compared to, "Queer as Folk" , because QAF was entertaining.  

I did have a problem with the blatant racism in episode 2 in Patricks dealing with Richie's character.  Was that supposed to be funny that Richie didn't end up having an Latin uncut dick?

So far, this show has been one big gay cliche right after another.  Tell us something we don't know.

Some of the high points on the show are the breath taking views of San Francisco.  Also, I've been secretly cheering for Dom.

If the writing doesn't change, drastically, this series won't last past Season 1.

Get it together HBO.

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