Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 4

This week the crew visits the Folsom Street Fair and I was utterly disappointed again.

I thought for sure this episode would have captured the Spirit of San Francisco, meaning, what makes our city so unique is all the fun, adventurous, weird, bizarre, crazy street fairs that we have within the city, namely the Folsom Street Fair.

But before we get to that, lets get to the romance subplot of Dom and Scott Bakula.  These two have such chemistry on screen and whenever I seem together I find myself chanting like a gay Fraternity boy in heat .. fuck .. fuck .. fuck already !!!!

In episode 4 our local gay residents got to see one our new San Francisco drag icons - Honey Mahogany.  It was kind of sad too because they only showed her face.  This photo below is from behind the scenes so the world just missed out on her fabulous outfit.

The scene takes place at the Stud, SF's oldest Gay bar.  OMG, just watching the scene take me back to when I use to sneak into the Stud when I was 15, (circ 1990) I just remember seeing a bunch of gay white men, dressed all in white shirts and denim jeans, dancing to Madonna's, "Justify My Love" , under a neon light.

The guy, (far right) plays a hustler and you know what, hes not even that fine either.  Have any of you even been on rentboy.com?  There are some serious hot gay prostitutes on there and he doesn't even come close. But in all fairness, his hustler rate on the show is 220$ an hour, so really, you do get what you pay for.

And Jonathon Groff, the lead of the show, (middle), his character needs to take the stick out of his ass.  Hes starting to come across as the Lea Michele of Looking. Bitch, nobody is watching this show to see you roll your eyes and act you better than everybody else, get over it.  Frankie, on the left is turning out to be fun.  I really thought Jonathon's character would be the one taking all the risks, guess not.

Unfortunately, at the end of the show Jonathan Groff's character gets back together with that Latin guy who dissed him for the Latin uncut cock remark.  Is that it?  We're halfway thru the series and nothing interesting has happened yet.

So thats my snarky review for this week, sorry guys, hated it.  But, I will continue to watch the remainder of the season only because I was an extra in Dom's birthday party scene at Dolores Park.


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