Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 5

Oh girl, finally an episode I could relate too.  And the scene I'm referring to was when Patrick was in the shower and did the reach around to scrub his hole.  Like wow, what gay man couldn't relate to that? (sarcasm)

Of all 5 episodes so far, this one has to be most daring, why, because in this episode Richie gives Patrick a blow job and takes his load.  Wow.

And when Richie said, "I don't do that very often" , did anyone believe him?  I didn't. Bitch please.

Patrick *Jonathan Groff* is definitely turning into the Lea Michele of Looking.  Heres why, so far Richie is obviously the bottom in the relationship and wants to top Patrick but Patrick doesn't want to give it up.  At the end of the episode, finally, Patrick is like, "yeah, I'll give it to you but not right now" .

Whatever bitch.

For me the viewer, this causes homophobic racial tension between Patrick & Richie.  I say this because Richie the minority, has been more than gracious about satisfying the sexual needs of his partner but his stuck up white puta boyfriend is still projecting his insecurities, like his needs are more important because hes white.  And by the way, they're not.

And when Richie & Patrick had their frank discussion about sex during brunch, was it me or did Patrick try to make him sound like hes less of ho because he gets tested regularly?  O'contraire señora puta, o'contraire.

Speaking from personal experience, I don't know why Gay White men think they're all tops, please.

The truth is, there just aren't enough real bottoms to go around so if needs going to get met, someone has to give it up.

I've actually known gay men who've hooked up with each and neither of them wanted to give it up so they ended up sucking each other off.

With all that being said, when Richie finally gets to fuck Patrick, I hope Richie fucks the shit out of Patrick, hard.  And not like sexy hard but like racial restitution hard.


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