Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 6

Was anyone else craving Cheetos after watching this weeks episode?  No worries, if you didn't get this cheetos reference than that means you didn't watch this show.

All snarkiness aside, this episode, "Looking in the Mirror" , really wasn't that bad.  But is it too late?  Instead of warming the pot for the past 5 episodes with weak story lines, will Patrick's and Richies budding romance be enough to save this series for Season 2.  I'm going to say no.  I'm just hoping we all get see Richie nail Patrick before this season ends.

Okay, lets start with the unhappy lovebirds of Augustine & his boyfriend.  To be honest, I can't even remember his boyfriends name *jean shorts below* because he hasn't been that memorable.  What I will remember from this last episode is the threesome he and his boyfriend did with the gay hooker, that was hot.  But why is Augustine paying for a hooker, wasn't their last their threesome with one of his art assistants, seriously, talking about wasting 220.00$.

Moving on, what really got me juiced about his this episode was Richies display of Latino affection for Patrick.  Could anyone else feel the passion emanating from Richie?  A long time ago, I asked a Latino friend why they get so jealous of their lovers and he said, "because, we take care of our shit" , and Richie was definitely taking care of his shit in this episode.  Richie made it very clear that she will cut a bitch.

In this episode, Richie and Patrick officially declared themselves as boyfriends but what got me is why didn't Patrick introduce Richie as his boyfriend to Patrick's boss, who was at Dolores Park with his boyfriend.

You can already tell where this is going, eventually, if this series ever drags on, Patrick is going to eventually hook up with his cute gay white boss.  And Richie, will ultimately get kicked to the curb.

I really think Patrick should end up with his White boss, mostly they're both boring and they're both latent bottoms.

The cocktease of this show has turned out to be Scott Bakula.  Scott brings such a soft and lovable presence to his gay character that well, it just makes me want to fuck him.

Scott is single handedly making silver daddies hot again! Go Scott !!

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