Friday, February 28, 2014

Stefan Pinto - C Diet

Hey everybody, I'm kicking off March with a health & fitness blog.  Some of you may have started 2014 with a New Years Resolution to start eating right but you don't know quite how to get started!

There are many diet & exercise programs online, heres one of the best ones out right now, it by Actor/Model - Stefan Pinto called the C Diet.  The great thing about this diet program, its all about food choices and portions.  Heres what makes Stefan's diet so popular, his clients post their lunch/dinner/snack photos on his C Diet Facebook page and Stefan personally checks in with you and  guides you on what you should and shouldn't be eating.

Don't believe me just yet, heres one of his many success stories!

You can't control everything in your life, but you can control what you put in your mouth:

Here we go:
Did you know, a Facebook status update Thanksgiving morning started the Stefan Pinto C Diet®? He posted: Gobble! Gobble! Post a picture of your Thanksgiving meal on my wall! Since then, participants have submitted over 28,000 photos of their meal!

- The C in C Diet stands for “Choice”
- Participants submit photos and must indicate if their food choice was based on: calories, convenience, cost or a combination of all three
- Major brands send the participants incentives in the form of full-sized, healthy product. 
- Participants photograph every single meal for 90 days
- Powered by a camera phone and Facebook
- Since Stefan Pinto lost over 60lbs and became a male model, he provides the participants with an opportunity to be a “model for a day” following their graduation

Is this the Biggest Loser?!
Unlike the Biggest Loser (basically a freak show), where participants have to be hugely overweight to participate, then lose 80 to hundred or more pounds, through grueling, sometimes impossible torture, acts that no one can possibly relate to, let alone follow... i.e.: a circus, the C Diet® promotes attainable weight loss, that is practical, possible, empowering -- and a thrill 

About Stefan Pinto
Stefan Pinto used to be a fat guy, working on Wall Street -- with a three hour commute. Not obese, just fat enough to look older than he really was. Fat enough to have scary premature arthritis, early on-set diabetes, gastro refulx disease, migraines and all of the other ailments people suffer from that they think comes with “that’s life.” His weight loss not only changed how he looked, it changed his entire life. He became a male model... which is nice and “oooo la la” but the truth is, it opened his eyes to a simple fact: most of the things we suffer from, we suffer from because we eat poorly. And what we don’t know, will in fact, harm you.

Write-ups from other blogs:

Stefan is not only the President of his company but hes also a member:

and can you guys believe how he looks now?

Stefan wants you to know, if he can do it, so you can you!

Happy Weight Loss !!


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