Monday, February 24, 2014

you were saying?

Hey guys, I just had to blog this.

Next month, I'm producing a comedy show called, "Sausage Fest Comedy Show" , which features hunky straight comedians telling jokes with their shirts off.

Heres the promo pic for the show.

So anyhoo, I posted this photo on the Bay Area Comedy Board and this one comedian named F.C. Sierra posted this comment:

Hella Gay: 1
Dignity: 0

Okay now, this is what amazes me, heres the photo of the comedian who made that comment.

I disagree with his score:

Hella Gay: 2
Dignity: 0


  1. But he did that for himself not some creepy dude!

  2. and taking photos of yourself in a leopard leotard isn't creepy at all? #getagrip

  3. But he did it for himself not some creepy dude!!!