Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking Season 1 Episode 7

Bravo Bitches!  Bravo Bitches!

Finally an episode that was so well put together, it was undeniably good.

Lets get right to the juicy part that won my mom over, yes, my mom actually watched tonights episode with me.  "Looking" , probably isn't the best family show for everyone to get together and gab over popcorn because the gay sex scenes are pretty over the top, but still, its not like we haven't seen worse in straight cinema.

So lets get to the part that made my mom chuckle, it was when Patrick was fessing up to his mother that the reason why he never brings any of his boyfriends to meet her is because he judges his boyfriends on what his mom is going to think about them and its really fucking him up.  And when my mom heard that, she busted out laughing.

I couldn't help but wonder if my mom was laughing because she thought I was the same way.

Not true, I would totally introduce my mom to any of my boyfriends but the reason why I never found a boyfriend to introduce her to was because I never ever found a man good enough for me.


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