Friday, March 28, 2014

Sausage Fest Comedy Show Recap !!

This past Tuesday, we completed our much hyped and anticipated comedy show, "Sausage Fest Comedy Show" , at Club OMG in San Francisco.

We did a successful Beefcake comedy show a couple years ago in the same vein so I knew this one was going to be just as good if not better!

My hat goes off to all of our performers, everyone was great!

I really don't think everyone knew how much difficulty went into planning this show, from trying to book different guys and getting rejected because of the shows nature, working with different social websites and trying to drum up great press, figuring put the logistics of the show so that everything could run smoothly.

I'm just really thankful everything fell together!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the night, enjoy!

Photos by Andrew Moore.


                                 Steve Post doing Satyr Comedy

                               Tommy Arnold as a sexy cowboy !!

                               Hayden Greif-Neill as Braveheart

                          Jesus Fuentes hosting as our Sausage Chef

                             Danny Dechi wall twerking !!

                         Trevor Shane Rogers oozing with sex appeal

                              Mark Smalls giving Freddie Mercury

                         Chris Duncan aka All American Boy Next Door

                         Mark Burg as Hunter S. Thompson

                                    Tramane Webb as Tupac

                                   Jake Hirschfeld as a boxer !!

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