Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great L.A. Trip

Just got home from my last L.A. trip. 

This time around I got booked for Comedy Time, which is a web comedy channel on youtube, its the same comedy group that made Comedian Angelah Johnson famous for her nail salon video. 

The booker for this show asked me to be clean so thats what I gave them and it went great!

As far as I know, the video will be released in 90 days so I'm eagerly waiting to see how the editors chop it up!

Otherwise after getting home, I'm super exhausted.  From the moment we touched down in L.A., I was hitting any open mic that I could to stay loose.  I actually prefer working out at comedy open mics because theres nothing like performing with other people who have the same ambition & drive as you do, that and because I didn't get booked at any other showcase.

Okie Doke, stay blessed everyone!


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