Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2,154,839 Profile Views

Currently I have over 2 million profile views on my Google+ profile. Wow.

Now theres something you don't see everyday.

Are you serious, from who?

It has to be a glitch, even if it is a glitch it does feel nice, it makes me feel interesting and pretty.

Levar Burton is currently raising money for this Rainbow Reading program and he's already raised over 3 million bucks for his cause.   I bring this up because thats the only thing I can relate this feeling to.

Oh, heres another million association.  Guess how much a million dong in Vietnamese currency converts into U.S. money = 50 bucks.

I did take a stat class in college and they taught us to always challenge any stat thats been presented so here are my conclusions, now statistically, there should be at least 10 guys from the those 2 million views who should have contacted me to get their dick sucked, thats what makes me suspicious those stats aren't real.

But really, all I want is to get high paying work from the entertainment industry and not no fucking 50$ bullshit gigs either.  If any of you thought, "well theres your million dong …" , fuck you.

Hook me up Universe, thanks.


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