Monday, July 7, 2014

Gay Leaders ????

What do these now all, "Gay Out" , celebrities have in common?

They all made their notoriety playing straight characters or started their show business careers in the closet.

And now because the straight mainstream audiences love them, they're supposed to be our gay leaders??  I don't think so.

I generally like prefer any Queer entertainer who started their career as an out performer and then made their head waves in the world show business.

I don't know, I just feels like anyone who starts their career in a truthful way and is honest about themselves somehow has more integrity than someone who didn't.

To me, all the celebrities above just proved how good they lied, manipulated, and played the game to get famous and then come out when its convenient.

I really hope times have changed in America where LGBT our performers feel like they don't have to start in the closet to get work.


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