Friday, August 1, 2014

10 Random Things by Charlie Ballard

10 Random Things About Me:

1) I lost my virginity at age 18.

2) When I was 12, I had the choice of going to Madonn'a, 
"Like A Virgin Tour" , or go to the Great America amusement park and I chose Great America.

3) The first time I ate green beans it made me throw up.

4) My best feature is my ass.

5) Speaking of my ass, I got some serious A game. (winks)

6) My first love was a Pima man from Gila River.

7) If I wasn't a comedian, I would've been a fashion designer.

8) I love doing aerobics naked.

9) I've always wanted an Anishnabe flower on my left arm, 
when I went to college this Anishnabequa from Canada had my tattoo on her arm and I didn't want it anymore.

10) Sobering up was one of the best decisions of my life.

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