Sunday, August 24, 2014

Charlie Ballard the Drag Queen

Hey guys, I just got home from giving lap dances at Peaches Christ NC 17th Showgirls Spectacular @ The Castro Theater.  This is annual event thats been happening since 1998.

What makes her show so spectacular is that Peaches puts on this wonderful pre-show filled with cheesy dialogue and parody vignettes from the movie.  In the beginning of every show, Peaches pops out of a homemade volcano and does the Nomi Malone & Crystal Conner volcano dance.

Th first time I attended this show was when it was held at the Bridge Theater on Geary St, I was just so tickled the first time I saw her pop out a volcano, it was so kitch!

Also during the pre-show, she recruits Drag Queens to give lap dances to the audience but the crowd must buy a large bucket of popcorn in order to get it.

The very first time I attended this show and saw the lap dance portion of the show, I was deathly afraid of the lap dancers, I don't know, I keep hearing that all fags have this sense of internalized homophobia and mine totally showed that night because I was deathly afraid of the lap dancers.

10 years later who should be one of her star lap dancers, thats right, my drag alter ego - Nasty Ass Bitch.

I got the most wonderful compliment from Peaches tonight, on and off the stage.

Before the lap dances begin, Peaches introduces all the dancers, when my drag name was called, the crowd went banana's, as they did for all the lap dancers, I walked across the stage and pulled up my dress to show my crusty green underwear that was scruntched up into my ass and the audience loved it.

My drag persona is really fun and really messy.  So tonight I cut a hefty garbage bag into a couture off the shoulder black mini, trust me, it was looking cute.

After the dancers are announced, they do a cat walk across the stage and Peaches gives everybody a little critique, for me she said, "thats one thing about Nasty Ass Bitch, she always delivers" !

The key word in that compliment was, "always" .  I performed for this show before and had a good outing the last time which is why she said that.  I'm just so happy that I was impressionable for everyone in a fun way!

After tonight show, I went back stage to thank Peaches and tell her it was great show and she said, "you were fabulous" !!!  AWWWWWWW!!!

That was so sweet of her to say.

I've actually been doing more drag for the past couple of years and I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep this as a hobby and only do it when I want to and mostly do it, because I enjoy it.

Tonight on the Muni train heading back home, this really cute gay guy couldn't take his eyes off my drag outfit.  I thought he was really sweet but I didn't want to give him any attention because fuck him and other guys like him.  Its only when I dress up in drag that guys even look or talk to me.  I don't know, I'm just not down with that.  Why can't these fuckers talk to me when I'm in my plain street clothes.  Can't these guys see my beautiful aura when I'm wearing my civilians?  I will never date a guy whose into me because I'm a drag queen, I'm doing this shit for my pleasure, not theirs.

When I catch a guy giving me that look when I'm wearing my regular clothes, thats who I want.


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