Monday, September 22, 2014

Ramen & Drag

My life has officially changed.

I have now entered my 40's and everything is looking good so far.

I don't know, sometime within the past 5 months I developed an affinity for Ramen noodles.  I think it was when I attended the Ramen Fest in Japantown earlier this Summer that my craving for ramen officially kicked in.

Whatever the reason, my new Ramen passion has lead to many different ramen outlets over all SF, some good, some bad.  I eventually did a find a good ramen spot - Aijsen Ramen at the Westfield Mall in downtown SF.

And then, out of nowhere I just decided to do drag on a more consistent basis.

I really can't explain all the wonderful attention that I receive while I'm in drag, its really fun and I really enjoy it.  The other night I was hanging out at a popular drag show in town and this gay porn star could not take his eyes off me.  That really fucked me up because he made me feel special.  As  everyone else does when they see me in drag, I think its the big hair and over the top red boots that make everyone go ga ga.

I think everyone likes me drag persona because they can tell that I don't take it seriously and it shows in the clothes I wear.

And whats crazy, the gay boys just love me in drag!  Finally, I'm a head turner and it just took a wig and heels to do it.

Seriously, last week I was in the Castro and this cute gay guy gave me such a nice compliment about my big wig and then this straight girl passed by and gave me some kind of half ass compliment and then out of nowhere that gay guy snapped back at her and said, "well, at least she does something with her hair" .

I had to turn around and say to the gay guy, "be nice" .

Heres my current drag photo with everything that reflects who I am as a drag entertainer: big hair, a symmetrical cut top, daisy duke shorts, and mad mad red knee high boots!!  I can't wait to see how my drag clothes/persona is going to evolve in the coming years!


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