Thursday, September 4, 2014

RIP Joan Rivers

Sadly this afternoon we lost another comedy legend, Joan Rivers.

She was the only comedy legend who I never got a chance to see perform live.

Joan Rivers was a lot of fun, she was a straight up shit talker.  I would never want to pigeon hold her comedy genius into one category whether it was being a woman, white, jewish, funny, bold, brave, trailblazer, lasting, formidable, legend, mother, grandmother, wife, or just plain Joan.

I will say this, in her last comedy special we did both have the same bit about the SPCA commercial with the Sarah McLachlian song, you know, the commercial that made everyone feel like an asshole for animal abuse, it was classic, like Joan.

Heres a photo from Gay Days 2012 Las Vegas!

We went to see Margaret Cho play at the Mirage a couple years back! Kathy & Joan were in town playing shows too! I totally remember being on the opposite side of the street during the Las Vegas Pride Parade just before it started and seeing these 3 on stage together! I was loving Joan's cape, she said a fan made it for her!! #faghag#trifecta #ripjoanrivers 

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