Monday, January 12, 2015

Facebook Analysis

Facebook just released a report that viewing a persons Like Pages on Facebook can tell you a lot about that person, here are 10 pages that I like:

1) Lizzy the Lezzy (Lesbian Cartoon)
2) New York Post (periodical)
3) Louis Smith Fan Page - (Hot UK Gymnast who happens to 
be Straight)
4) SF Eagle (gay leather bar in SF)
5) Mary Magnum (Dragqueen Comedian)
6) Erin Brockovich (Former Beauty Queen Activist)
7) Star Wars (famous Sci-Fi Movie Franchise)
8) Lava Mae (local non-profit who provide showers on wheels to the SF Homeless)
9) Bay Native Circle 94.1 (local Native radio show)
10) Big Dipper (gay rapper)

My results: I am sooo Gay! 

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