Monday, February 23, 2015

Its time

I wrote my first movie script a couple years ago, it was Gay Native American romantic comedy based somewhere up in the cold tundra of Canada! I passed it forward to some Native people in the industry and they didn't like it so it went nowhere.

I believe some of the feedback I received was, "you need to learn screenwriting" .

So much for natural talent.

The main reason why I decided not to pursue my second story was timing, it just didn't feel right, also the content is much stronger and very personal.

My 2nd movie didn't have an ending until a couple months ago, I was driving to SF and kept thinking how I was going to wrap up my story and then the ending hit me, it was so powerful that I got choked up and starting crying on the freeway.   Its a really good ending because every time I think about it, I always get teary eye'd and it makes me feel emotional. (I'm pretty sure thats a sign of a hit)

I did hint around this movie to some Native industry people in L.A. back in November and that was the last time I really put into the Universe, so for now, I am officially putting it out there!

Do it seem like I haven't mentioned nothing about what my 2nd movie script is going to be about, thats because its a very personal thing, when its done, my goal is to get it scene by industry people and hopefully, on a wing and a prayer, get it made!


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