Sunday, March 15, 2015


Its mid March and I'm feeling a ton better than last month.

In February I picked up this weird super flu that had been circulating the Bay Area this past Winter.

I did lose a some weight from it and now that I've been feeling better, I somehow managed to gain that weight back. #lucky #me

Yesterday, we had a heat wave that hit the Bay Area and it got up to 84 degrees.  Oh my lord, I can't believe we had a mini heatwave in the Bay Area and we just got back from the last cold snowy weather in New York.  And whats crazy, I really loved the snowy cold weather of NYC, thats the Tauras in me talking, Taurases love the cold.

When we were in NYC, I just really loved walking around the NY in my big thick faux fur coat from Goodwill, it just made me feel expensive, smart, classy & chic. (that coat was one of the best finds of my life)

I don't know, just being in NY wearing that coat gave me a sense of glamour.  When I saw other women rocking their fur, it just felt like they were my brethren.

Heres my fur coat that I picked up in SF, isn't it gorge!

My travel buddy for this trip was my mom!  NYC is her favorite place to visit too!  My mom was a trooper on this trip, as I was getting over the flu, she caught it from me and was battling the same symptoms during our outing.  But gee whiz, with all the hustle & bustle going in NYC, I'm sure there were times that she forgot she was sick and enjoyed herself!  We took this photo of her on the NYC Watertaxi under the Brooklyn Bridge, this is definitely one of the best photos shes ever taken, its so artsy, just like her son!

The main reason why I wanted to visit NYC in March was to check out Margaret Cho's comedy taping at the Gramercy Theater!  I've never been to one of her tapings and this time it was quite an affair.  From a comic standpoint, I was really impressed with her material, I've seen this show evolve from the beginning and she turned it up for this one.  While watching her perform, I just kept thinking to myself, "Wow, I am never going to be that funny" .  And then, somehow I ended up dancing in the finale of the 2nd show.  WTF, how'd that just happen?  I'm very sure her NYC crowd was not expecting that, nor was I.  We'll see if my little dance makes into her comedy taping, maybe, maybe not, but one thing was for sure, it was fun to do.

One of my best memories visiting #NYC was the #911 #Memorial in Ground Zero.  That monument was very moving & emotional, not just for me, but for a lot of other people who were walking around it too.  In the place of the twin towers were waterfalls and there were really beautiful.  At the top of the waterfalls were the names of all the people associated with the event, we saw flowers left for the victims and one really amazing rainbow from the waterfall mist, for me the rainbow represented hope.

I heart #NYC !!


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