Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Power Fundraising

Being in the fundraising field, I've learned who the elite fundraisers are!

Here they are in no particular order:

- Power to the People:  One person who donates $5 to a cause will not make much of a difference but when you get a couple thousand people or more who all believe in the same cause than we're talking some serious cash.

- Professional Athletes:   Are limited because they make their money from endorsements and salary which they usually keep for themselves.  Pro athletes are best used if you have a event and attach their name for promotion, they will help draw people with money.

- High Profile Celebrities:   Are also limited in personal funds but they can raise a lot of money if they have a big name. (i.e. Robin Williams & Comic Relief)  High profile celebrities who band together can do a lot for a cause.

- Corporate:   The Big Fish, these are the people who can make a huge difference with the stroke of a pen, for example, very recently Google. Inc. donated 2 Million to 4 charities in the Bay Area, 500K each.

- Individual:   There once was a lady in the Bay Area who sold all of her belongings to feed the homeless.  With the money raised, she was able to set up a pop up soup kitchen enough to feed the homeless for one day.

- Panhandling:    Most people don't like to give money to the homeless because they don't want to support their drug habits so if you don't want to give money, you can also give away food or buy a person coffee. (philanthropy is the art of giving no matter how great or small)

The point of this blog was not to compare who gives more or less, the point is to just give.


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