Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work Ethic

My mom posted this great meme to my Facebook wall which I just had to share with everyone!

Which is exactly how I've felt these past couple of weeks!  In mid February I got hit with some kind of super flu that apparently lasts about a month, at least thats what the ER nurse told me.  My symptoms were relentless.

So before going to the ER, I recently had two #HellaGayComedy shows scheduled and I totally got thru it!  Never were those words above more truer for me than these past couple of weeks.

I'm 100% certain that I get my hustle skill from my mom.  I'm so lucky to have a Virgo for a mom and in case you didn't know, Virgo's are the hardest working signs out of the whole wheel.

My brother also picked up my moms hustle skill too.  When my brother was younger, he was very good at sales!

So to all the movers & shakers out there, go on with your bad self!


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