Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now or Never

This past week I officially applied to be a contestant on Rupauls Dragrace Season 8 !!!

Heres one of the photos I submitted for the show, I think, I don't know because I really don't remember, it was so long ago ... like 2 days ago.

For the past 6 years it seems like my entertainment career has been idling, I've kept myself busy by producing comedy shows, performing and doing some acting here & there.

And then a couple years ago, I turned into a drag queen.  I really didn't see that one coming.

If anyone thinks I purposely became a drag queen just so I could be on Dragrace, no.

And to be honest, I just barely started watching Rupauls Dragrace last season and thats only because LOGO came with our cable package.

I started doing drag for me.  Being a drag queen finally fur filled a big piece of my life that was missing, to bring joy & happiness to so many people.

I really thought I would've been able to do that thru being a stand up comedian and now as it turns out, my comedy training has only enhanced my drag persona, making my act multi-dimensional and adding my to life skill set all the way around.

Heres another drag photo I submitted.  I really like this one.

As I was applying to the Rupaul Dragrace Casting Committee, they made it pretty clear that they wanted somebody versatile.  I'm definitely VERS. (wink wink)

In my audition tape I could've played the obvious but I didn't.  Most people know me as the Gay Native American stand up comedian and I didn't mention that once, mainly because I really want them to pick me based on my drag personality and killer sense of drag style.  I could go on about how fabulous I am as a drag queen BLAH BLAH BLAH ..... but I made sure not to over do that either.

Instead, I ended showing them I'm confident, unique, fun, and something their show has never seen before, hence this photo below.

Wish me luck.

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