Thursday, June 25, 2015


This blog probably won't make sense to many people but fuck it, what does anybody know, right?

I've been thinking about my relationships with people lately and now that I've become a full time professional dragqueen comedian, there are certain public demands that are asked upon me where ever I go and here they are in no particular order:

- whenever I'm requested, I have to stop and take photos with anyone and everyone 
- whenever I wear my big Afro wigs I immediately and automatically become a petting zoo. (Seriously, even as I stopped at Walgreens in the Castro last night to pick up a snack, the counter cashier asked to reach over and pet my hair) WTF??
- I always have to be in a good mood, be positive and say something witty. 
- I get preferential treatment at the clubs meaning I never have to pay for my cover or buy drinks for myself.
- everyone loves dragqueens for a good laugh
- Gays & whoever else can use me as their Gay surrogate to lift their confidence and help them pull a trick.
- always feel & look fabulous 24/7 

And I don't mind being any of these things but inexchange for these services I do ask the people that they make me rich & famous otherwise they can find some other bitch to pump.

Kisses Bitches!

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