Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Facebook still sucks ....

Recently I was approached by a writer/blogger from "Liberal America" , for more opinion on the, "authentic names policy" from Facebook, heres whats I submitted:


This past week I shut down my Facebook pages this past week because of their, "authentic names policy" , they gave me 7 days to submit a passport, drivers license, state i.d. and whatever else to verify my real name and I would not do it.  I already have a facebook page with my real name but I guess that wasn't good enough.

* I would never submit any of those things to a social media website because for one, they're not a government agency.  Also, when a business asks for documents to support your identity, usually its because they're going to hire you for a job, obviously Facebook isn't my employer.

* I used a 2nd facebook page, "Hella Gay" , for professional comedy bookings, to promote shows and anything else comedy business related. I've even bought facebook ads so you can imagine how surprised I was when I bought ad space to promote my comedy shows and then they turn around and ask me to submit my real identity, don't these jerks read their credit card statements?  I believe I was targeted because I'm a dragqueen.
* Why doesn't facebook ask their other billion users to verify they're identities, why are dragqueens, Native Americans, sex workers, trans women, burlesque dancers, domestic/sexual abuse survivors and other fringe groups being targeted?  Would facebook have bothered me if I had an every day name like Sue Worthington, probably not. (no offense to the Sue Worthington's out there)  As far our Native American Community getting locked of their accounts for using their traditional names, our names have been passed down from time immemorial where as facebook has only been around 10 years.  If you go to you can read the comments and you can see what Natives are saying about getting kicked off Facebook:

* Does anyone ever think about the other LGBT Facebook users in different countries where LGBT rights are non-existent? 

* Last Fall, the Facebook administration was supposed to work with our LGBT community and work out their authentic names policy, obviously they were just blowing smoke up our ass because nothing came of it, which is why we were protested this past week at facebook HQ.  I personally think they only compromised in the media to save face to their share holders, because at the time thousands of people were dumping their facebook accounts and moving to  Because Mark Zuckerberg turned out to be a total liar, our community decided to rally again and not have them be a sponsor at our SF Pride this year. You can see those minutes here:

* Didn't Bruce Jenner just officially come out as Caitlyn Jenner? Is her new identity going to be allowed to have a page with facebook?

* The Bigger Picture. This isn't just about Facebook, its about how any social media website directly deals with us on how we choose to self-identity.

This past week I did my swan song and left Facebook.  It was a hard thing to do because that's where I kept in contact with so many of the wonderful people I've met over the years.  Oh well, now they'll have to find me


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